“You must know that what you are offering…is a gift beyond measure, one that the whole world could use about now. And so, I am sure that a good part of our ‘high spirit’ comes out of our collective realization that out of 7 billion plus, we’re the darn lucky few to be holed up in the ‘the cave’ with you.

“This workshop has reinforced my instincts that to be truly open to your own voice and possibility, one must slow down. Breathe. Be generous.”

“What was proposed as strategies for nurturing creative sustainability in practice linked powerfully to understanding how to engage with the natural world, the sustenance of palpable, sensual slowing down experiences – the feel of the wind, the sound of leaves, the accessing of our animal bodies – all are integral to how we enter the world as art makers.”

“Of course this workshop was about sustainability – Why? Because it brought us back fully to an engagement with our senses and the natural world – which ultimately is the seat of all creative process.”

Christian McEwen led us through a range of reflections, activities, small creative forays – undertaken separately or collaboratively – which in fact amazed us all…We undertook simple but somehow hugely enabling activities – that fertilized wonderful discussions, listening, joyful awareness of each other – and delighted awareness of the world around us…so as to rethink creatively the very way we might relate to different levels of change and movement towards a more sustainable, less exploitative, more socially just world.”
– Jill Lewis, School for Interdisciplinary Arts faculty workshop, Hampshire College in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

“This was a wonderful series that was well received. The depth that the subject matter was handled in because of the four sessions made it a very rich experience…Christian is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter who was very well received by the audience.”
– Lisa Downing, Assistant Director Patron Services, Forbes Library, Northampton. Massachusettes

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