The Book

The Book

Almost everything we care deeply about, we do with some nimbus of slowness around it, whether that be writing a poem, digging a garden, or baking a birthday cake for a beloved child. “The greatest assassin of life is haste,” said the poet Theodore Roethke. And yet some 38% of Americans describe themselves as “always feeling rushed.” World Enough & Time is intended as an antidote to that frantic sense of urgency.

chrisian1Drawing from the words and life experiences of a wide range of creative thinkers – Adrienne Rich to Meredith Monk, Henri Matisse to Taoist philosopher, Chuang-tzu – World Enough & Time is “a unique combination of history, spirituality and practical advice about incorporating the benefits of slowness into everyday living.”

“WORLD ENOUGH & TIME is a wise book – a quiet feast, a daydreamer’s manual, a work of mindfulness, which teaches us to slow down and see the world anew. Read it slowly, and come to your senses.”
– Edward Hirsch, Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets and author of HOW TO READ A POEM AND FALL IN LOVE WITH POETRY.

“Christian McEwen is a reader’s reader. Although she’s also a writer and teacher, every page of this book shows her love of reading. Each one throbs with quotes that go straight to the heart of life, to busy lives in which we all suffer to some degree from ‘hurry sickness’. …If you think you’re too busy to read this book, this is the book for you.” – From Country Life, Carta Carlisle

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